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Z-Axis Shuttle Upgrade

$ 40.00

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What's Included
2x LM8LUU Bearing
1x Plastic Z-Axis Shuttle
8x 8mm M3 Bolt
3x 20mm M3 Bolt
11x M3 Hex Nut


This Upgrade will greatly increase the accuracy of the WhittleCNC.

This is achieved by using LM8LUU bearings that are used in the rest of the WhittleCNC vs the LM8UU bearings used in the standard WhittleCNC Z-Axis. 

In addition to the accuracy increase this will also decrease the Z-Axis movement by 20mm (.78").

Please note: This part grips tight to the flex shaft and will require a spreader to attach the flex shaft.




**All parts are 3D Printed**