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THE WhittleCNC

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Estimated Lead Time: 1-3 Weeks from Order Date
Current lead times are on average 1.5 weeks.

Using your computer and open source software, you can command the WhittleCNC to give life to your ideas right there on your desk or your workbench. Or if you have a larger project in mind, it takes only a few minutes to drop the replaceable cutting bed. Just mount the machine on a broader surface (like a wall or a blank for a sign) and you can cut much larger designs, moving the machine along as needed.

Removable Cutting Bed

The cutting bed is removable! With this unique feature you can cut objects much larger than your machine. You can cut large signs by doing 1 letter at a time and moving the machine to the next position. The possibilities are endless. This will allow you to easily replace the bed if you were to damage it. Replacement beds are available for $30 (+Shipping). 

You could even mount the WhittleCNC on a vertical surface and cut on an existing wall.



Adjustable Cutting Depth

With the available 20mm spacers you can easily and quickly increase the depth of your machine, Allowing you to cut taller objects.

If you need even more depth additional screws & spacers are available by request!

Strong Frame


 The frame is made of 1/2" Phenolic which is extremely strong and durable. It's the same material that is used for bowling lanes.

I had a coworker stand on the frame spanning between two chairs just to show how strong it is. He weighs 190 lbs (86 kg), and he is only standing on one side of the frame.


Working Area: 228mm x 356mm x 50mm (9" x 14" x 2")
Overall Dimensions: 356mm x 483mm x 203mm (14" x 19" x 8")
Movement Accuracy: .025mm (0.00098")
Shank Diameter: 1/8" or 3.175mm (The same as most Dremel tools.)
Control Board: Custom Shield Using Easy Stepper Drivers, and connects to the PC using a CH340 chip (No FTDI chips).
G-Code Interpreter: GRBL
PC Connection: USB
Power: 110-220v
Rotary Tool Power: 110v (if selected)

The WhittleCNC kit is easy to assemble, with fewer than 50 parts (not including screws and zip ties). If you have a Phillips head, and scissors, you can be up and running in less than two hours.


There are many software options to use with the WhittleCNC. Here are just a few.

WhittleCNC Controller

 From Mac, ChromeOS, or Windows you can control your WhittleCNC with this self updating Google Chrome App. Not only will it control your machine, but it will also check your firmware settings, and update them with the most recent tested settings.

Inventables Easel App

 A great program is Inventables amazing web based Easel App. You Can create designs, import svg files, and then you can even run the code from your browser directly to the WhittleCNC.


 A great affordable program is Estlcam. One of the strongest features of this software is it's ability to generate GCode from a STL file. STL files are the most common 3D Printing file type and widely available. Sends G-Code the the WhittleCNC

A Few Videos of the Whittle CNC In Action

CNCing a 3D Skull.
Getting Started with Easel
Working with Aluminum
It is possible to work with Aluminum, but at very slow speeds!
3D Heart!

As a full function, 3-axis CNC machine, there are few limitations to what you can make with the WhittleCNC. As long as the bit can reach it, the WhittleCNC can cut whatever shape you can dream up. It can cut foam, wax, wood, plastic, aluminum and more. Here are just a few examples.

Objects larger than the WhittleCNC:
Mold Making:
Create a shape in wax using the WhittleCNC, then pour in silicon (readily available on line and it cures in six hours) to create a mold that can be used for projects with multiple identical parts. These silicon molds can even be baked!

Here are a few More Ideas


**All WhittleCNCs are built to order and because of this returns are only accepted under specific circumstances**
 **International Return shipping is not covered by WhittleCNC, LLC and is the buyers responsibility.**
**All Product Support and Assistance is through Email.**