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Upgrade Options for The WhittleCNC
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3D Printer AddOn Build Volume: 9"x13"x2" Filament Type: PLA or ABS Filament Size: 1.75mm Hotend: All Metal J-Head ControlBoard: Ramps 1.4 Dual Fans - 1 for Part Cooling, 1 to Prevent Extruder Heat Creep Bowden Style Extruder to Lower Moving Mass Will Ship with Your WhittleCNC, if ordered at the same time.

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Laser AddOn 150mw Red Laser Will Engrave: Wood, Paper, and Soft Materials (No Metal) Cuts: Paper and many thin Materials Will Ship with Your WhittleCNC, if ordered at the same time. Australia does not allow the import of lasers at this power.  

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We are now offering partial pay!! Pay a little or pay a lot and pay when you want! How it works? Purchase this item in any quantity you want (1 = $1). When you are ready to buy your WhittleCNC just email and we will send you a coupon code for the amount you have prepaid to be used...

$ 40.00

What's Included 2x LM8LUU Bearing 1x Plastic Z-Axis Shuttle 8x 8mm M3 Bolt 3x 20mm M3 Bolt 11x M3 Hex Nut   This Upgrade will greatly increase the accuracy of the WhittleCNC. This is achieved by using LM8LUU bearings that are used in the rest of the WhittleCNC vs the LM8UU bearings used in the standard WhittleCNC Z-Axis.  In addition...