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About Us

Hello, I'm Zachary Adams and I'm the creator of the WhittleCNC. I’ve worked as a computer programmer for 10+ years, comfortable in a dozen different languages from C++ to Javascript. But I’ve also spent plenty of time in the guts of the machines, with an A+ rating and years of building and maintaining computers and other equipment. For almost a decade now, I have been doing these things in a manufacturing environment, often working on maintaining CNC machines much bigger and more sophisticated (and way more expensive) than the WhittleCNC. That experience (and many hours of industrial strength tinkering) has produced a machine which I’m proud to offer.

  • Based out of Columbia, SC
  • Initially launched on KickStarter
  • Met the funding goal of $10k in 9 Hours!
  • Raised a total of $42,352 dollars in the 30 day funding period!
  • To contact click Here
  • For support click  Here