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Google Chrome Extension

Control your WhittleCNC from within your web browser on any platform. The extension (aka App) includes the following features:

  • Machine Movement Controls
  • Set Firmware Max Speeds Dependent on Material
  • Grbl Specific Controls (Home, Unlock, Settings, Continue)
  • Send GCode Commands & Files
  • View and Fix GRBL Configuration 
  • Detailed GRBL Configuration Notes
  • Settings PreConfigured for the WhittleCNC (Bed Size, Baud Rate)
  • Emergency Stop button!
  • Click here to go to the WhittleCNC Controller page to install!

Assembly Instructions and Manuals

Firmware Updater

**Unzip Files Before Running Configurator.exe** All Boards come pre flashed. Only needed if you change the firmware.

Drivers for your WhittleCNC

Can't find a driver you need? Have more questions? Please feel free to send us a Message.